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Gary Langston – Workshops • Apprenticeships • Ceremonies • Sacred Journeys • Special Events


“With deep respect and open hearts for each other and each participant, Carol and Gary masterfully weave together their strengths, experiences, healing gifts and wisdom. Their teaching transmits the lineage, healing arts, concepts and essence of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition in a way that supports apprentices bringing it into practice.”

~ DDR – Parkville, MO


“I have participated in many healing ceremonies but what transpires in circle with you both borders on truly PHENOMINAL.. Remarkable and way beyond my wildest dreams… Thank you SO much!”

~ TGC – Lawrence, KS

“The Pachakuti Mesa Apprenticeship series Weekend 1 The Call to Heal was one of the best experiences I’ve had (in this lifetime) to date. We not only formed a wonderful circle where we shared love and had a safe place to go through the exercises together, but we also formed a wonderful relationship with our mesa, as well as introspective work within ourselves. I had a wonderful journey and learned more about myself and look forward to building a relationship with my mesa and in using is as The Call to Heal.”With EXTREME Gratitude and Love -
~ LRF – Overland Park, KS

“It is difficult for me to adequately express how impressed I was with your ability, skills, deep knowledge in helping people go to risky depths of experience. I was always confident that you could handle whatever came up with them and help them in their healing and growth. It was good to see you using such excellent psychological tools along with the obvious power of the mesa and its traditions. Amazing how the depth of understanding and realization of the power of the mesa use continues to grow and be internalized with other information. What a practical and useful teaching! This leads to wonderful places.”

With deep appreciation and genuine love,
~ BC – Kansas City, MO


I am currently a student of Gary and Carol. I was awakened to a shamanic calling at an early age and have spent the majority of my life searching for the path that was best for me…and vice versa. I have experienced a number of accredited and qualified teachers, yet none who reached me in the manner of Gary and Carol through the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shamanism as created by don Oscar Miro-Quesada. Man’s greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. Together, Gary and Carol’s teaching methods provide the symmetry of both the seen and unseen dimensions through a correlation of spiritual and material worlds. White Buffalo Lodge, which they have constructed in their home, provides a feeling of blanketed protection and caring to all who enter. Gary’s quiet wit and Carol’s effervescence work together to provide perfect balance…and Balance, whether or not we are aware of that fact, leads to complete happiness.

~ TS – Telequa, OK


“I had no preconceived notion as to what would transpire in relation to experiencing others shifting from their dark, shadowy connections to their lives and certainly not in accordance with my own transformations. I had once spoke with Samuel Austin’s heart “Where is my school?” How can I learn the basics and so on to be able to answer the call from Spirit to help others in this capacity of healing modalities and to help myself. Well here “I AM”… To say that I was totally blown away is an understatement to say that I along with everyone else, given the opportunity to release, acknowledge, flower, and still be standing here to be willing and wanting to receive, grow, extend SPEAKS VOLUMES to my heart and soul. The willingness, the intuition, the heart of both Carol and Gary to hold space, be instruments of healing amazes me…. I uncovered a wounded child – all the way back to the wound.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

~ TC – Baldwin City, KS


“The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition workshops are deep intense interaction amongst participants and our instructors. Carol Rydell and Gary Langston know exactly what spiritual tools and avenues to utilize in assisting one to reach their core or roots. Reaching deep within oneself, learning to interpret one’s inner most desires and passions, and environment. I highly recommend this series or workshops for all to commune with Spirit!!”

~ DS – Overland Park, KS

“This process is an opening or flowering of the self. To learn who you truly are and to become the “I AM” person you are meant to be is beyond words. The instructors, Gary and Carol are magnificent guides along the path of one’s own process of learning to work with the mesa.” ~ DS – Louisburg, KS
“The apprenticeship weekend was an amazing life changing event. I have been called to this tradition for a purpose beyond self, yet so enriching to self. I now feel that I truly have the tools to step into my power as a healer and visionary.

Although I have studied many other mystic traditions and teachings, I see the possibility to take all of what I have learned and incorporate them into the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and see all of their magic fulfilled through my life and shared through sacred reciprocity with all those I love, my Earthly community. A truly beautiful experience.”

~ SO – Wellsville, UT


“The class that you taught provided the opportunity for self discovery and incorporating new ways of being in our daily lives. Thank you.”

~ GF – Prairie Village, KS

“I received a healing that was long overdue and it happened in this class.”

~ CG – Kansas City, MO


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